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How Avoiding Comic Sans Can Help Reduce Printing Cost

As purse strings tighten and the financial outlays become more restrictive, individuals and organizations have started looking for a way to save their budget. A regular printing costs a fortune every month. To reduce printing costs, you may have tried to digitize your work and you may have tried back-to-back printing but none of those efforts have yielded the right results. 

It is not that people are printing all they want when your back is turned. On the contrary, it is because your initiatives to reduce printing costs were directed at the wrong cost element. The most expensive type of printing is not paper but instead ink. 

People say that there will come a time when the world’s currency is going to be petroleum because it will become as rare as diamonds. However, these people have not really paid attention to the cost of printer cartridges. Printing cartridges can be obscenely expensive. 

If you have been paying for your printer cartridges, then you should already be suspecting something like this. The cost of printing ink can vary greatly between countries in the world but what does not change is that they are exorbitant. 

It will astound you to know just how costly printing ink can be. Printing ink is almost twice as much as the cost of Chanel No. 5 perfume. This is why it is important to reduce ink usage to reduce printing costs. What is the best way of reducing printing costs with respect to printing ink? The obvious solution is to stop printing altogether but that is quite unreasonable whether you need to print for personal use or you need to print for office use. The solution is in the font size that you use. 

Since the total cost of printing ink started to go up, people started coming up with a way to reduce printing costs. One of the best solutions was to remove all conventional fonts and start using an eco-friendly font. The font that is available for download these days is called Ecofont and it is for free. The logic behind Ecofont is simple enough. This font had characters with small holes in them. The idea is that since the holes do not need to be printed, they end up helping you reduce printing costs by saving you ink. 

Most people use fonts like Courier, Times New Roman, Calibri, Helvetica, and Comic Sans. What we don’t know is that a lot of these fonts use so much ink. Comic Sans is one of the worst fonts to use if you are trying to reduce your printing cost by saving up on your ink. You can consider the following information on what percentage of an A4 page is covered by printing ink with these fonts in size 12.

Comic Sans uses 5.74%, Helvetica uses 5.45%, Courier uses 5.40%, Calibri uses 5.29 percent, Time New Roman uses 5.14%, and Garamond 4.47%. This makes Garamond a significantly better font to use if your primary objective is to reduce your printing cost.

If you want to reduce your printing cost and you have questions about your printer, you can contact the manufacturer and you can discuss the energy-saving tips that are available for your brand. If your printer is leased, you can contact your local leasing company to help you figure out how to reduce your overall printing cost. 

If you are still looking for a copier for your office or your home use, you can talk to your local leasing company to help you know which copier is the most cost-efficient. 

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