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Five tips and tricks when performing essential maintenance and troubleshooting

Whenever people and institutions need a copy of something like data they need for work and other reasons, they always rely on something that can help them very well. The only thing that can help everybody to get a copy of something is the copier. 

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Copier is one of the most important pieces of equipment in many establishments. Institutions, businesses, governments, and other offices, especially in the United States, are investing, leasing, and buying copiers to lessen their workloads, organize their data or information, and have hard copies of their documents, most especially the important ones. 

The copier plays an important role in every type of institution for it to function easier and better. However, a copier is a machine. It can malfunction. Copier can troubleshoot and have a technical problem like any other machine


Copier is essential. That is why it needs to be taken care of. Whenever there is a maintenance problem, it has to be fixed immediately. Anyone with knowledge about copier technical problems can fix it. There are basic and major problems that a copier can experience. The copier’s few common problems are:

  • The paper jams.
  • The lines on the paper.
  • The toner issues.
  • The light or dark color of the printed copies.
  • The spot on pages.

People and institutions who have their copiers are experiencing the same issues. These problems may be basic, but people must know how to solve these troubles as soon as possible to avoid major problems.

Every owner is looking for ways to fix their copier as soon as possible without spending money. With that, here are five tips and tricks when performing basic maintenance and troubleshooting copier.

  1. Warm up the copier. The copier needs to warm up before doing its daily and heavy-duty work. Whenever the user turns on the copier and uses it, they must give it time to load and warm up so that the copier can work longer.
  2. Clean the copier. It is important to clean the copier machine, especially the glass, to work easier and continuously. The proper way of cleaning the machine is to wipe off the dirt. Remember not to spray any cleaning fluid to the copier because it can result in other problems. 
  3. Shut the copier off. One of the best maintenance tips and tricks is to shut off the copier to fix itself. Aside from that, shutting off the copier during the weekend and day off is advisable. The owner can also save the electric bill for shutting it off.
  4. Use better paper and load it correctly. Paper is essential to the copier. That is why the owner must choose the better paper to load to the copier. The right paper is the paper that does not have paper dust. To avoid a problem like paper jams, loading the paper properly and carefully is very important. 
  5. Know when to contact a professional technician. Observe the copier if it troubleshoots. The owner can fix the basic problems of the copier. However, some issues can not be fixed by someone who is not an expert technician. Copiers can have a major problem, and if the owner thinks that he or she can no longer solve the problem with his or her copier, then it is time to call a professional for repair. 

These tips can help anyone who owns or uses a copier. Surely, people and institutions want their copier machines to work longer than they expected. It is very important for them, and it saves a lot of time and effort, especially in papers. Copier is something that helps many institutions to succeed. Today, it is everywhere and very helpful to everybody yet it is also expensive, that is why everyone must understand how to take care of it. Knowing copiers and how to perform basic maintenance is an advantage.