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How Do You Use A Scanner As A Copier?

Scanners and copiers work similarly, but their output is different. Documents are copied straight onto paper using a copier. It can duplicate enormous volumes of documents at once without the use of a computer, whereas a scanner makes digital versions of documents stored on your computer.

How to scan documents

By digitizing files, businesses can clear out their offices and save space. They also make it less likely that important information will be lost forever if the papers get lost or destroyed. Also, they save their employees a lot of time by eliminating the need to sort through boxes of documents when they need to find a file.

As more companies switch to digital work, scanners will become as common in offices as computers. But organizations are also switching from stand-alone scanners to multifunction devices (MFDs).

MFDs combine the functions of devices like printers, scanners, and copy machines. MFDs can be challenging for first-time users to figure out how to use because they do so many things.

Many employees don’t know how to use their MFDs as scanners. If you’re having the same trouble, here’s a guide on scanning documents with copy machines or multifunction devices (MFDs).

PUT paper on the scanner

Lift the copy machine’s cover and put the paper on the glass plate. Make sure the side with the texts or images is facing the glass. Also, the document should be in the middle of the frame of the scanner. Close the top slowly, so the paper doesn’t move. 

The document feeder is another way to load your document. Here, the side with the print should be on top. You should use the feeder tray if you want to scan several pages. This is because all of the documents can be loaded at once. With the other method, you can’t do this because you can only put one piece of paper on the glass. Before loading the following document, you must wait for the first one to be scanned.

Tap the ‘SCAN’ button

Once you tap the scan button, the machine will begin to scan your documents. On some scanners, the controls to initiate a scan are located on the machine itself. If your device has a scan button, hit it to send the document to your computer for scanning. If not, initiate the scan from a computer application. Some copiers include scanning software that automatically saves your document copy as a file or emails it as an attachment.

Select the ‘PREVIEW’ menu

This enables the scanned output to be viewed. It is comparable to the print preview function available when printing documents. If you are unhappy with what you see, you can make the required changes. You may proceed to the scanning stage and save your documents if everything is satisfactory.

PRINT your scanned copy

Once you have finished scanning the document, you can now print the file. You can change the color, brightness, and contrast of the scanned copy if it is saved as a photo and not a document.

Scan and Send

Once you put the originals on the glass scanner, you can click the scan and send button to begin the scanning process and send your documents through email. It is essential to know that some multifunction copiers, especially older ones, might not have the scan and send feature. On older models, you couldn’t send scanned documents by email. Instead, you have to save the file on your computer, and you can attach it to the email and send it to your desired recipients. 


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You can precisely use the scanner as a copier since they function in similar ways. Remember that different brands and models of multifunction copiers have various features. So, it’s possible that some of the steps listed here won’t work for your copy machine. If this is the case, try looking at the manual for your copier or asking a professional for help.