How Do You Get A Repair Technician For A Copier?

All businesses can agree that one of the most important and high-used equipment is the copy machine. It might not seem like the most interesting or appealing machine in the office, but all businesses depend on it every single day. From creating presentations to printing and copying numerous copies of documents and advertisements, a copy machine is a hot commodity in the office and you would not want to do without it. 

With that being said, just because you own a copy machine, it does not mean that you know everything that it can do. You might have heard of the term MFP or multi-function printers when someone is referring to a copy machine, copier or even a small photocopier. These terms all refer to the same device as they are productivity enhancers for any type of business, may it be big or small. 

Copiers have the ability to scan, print, fax and copy, but aside from those features, copy machines and multi-function printers can also scan to email, allow a follow-me printing, scan to your online cloud, do enlargements, duplexing, collating and binding. 

A copier works on two different types of principles, it is stated that opposite charges attract and because of this, the materials become more electrically conductive right after it absorbs electromagnetic radiation such as infrared, UV, visible light and more. Most modern copiers rely on a technology known as xerography, which is a dry photocopying technique. It also involves using electrically-charged particles to attract and then deposit toner particles onto a piece of paper. 

In order to keep the quality of your copier, make sure that you keep some spare toner or ink cartridges. Always keep one spare ink cartridge or toner cartridge at your office. Printing is important in an office and productivity can drop if you run out of ink and if you can’t print anymore. Also, find the cheapest supplier and always use compatible cartridges. 

Do not print personal stuff. Printing documents that are not work-related should be avoided. Do not scan your body parts as it can damage the printer. Do not kick or hit your printer. Do not play around with the printer if you do not know what you are doing. If the printer is not working, do not start unplugging it and turning it off. The issue could just be with your computer and everyone else can print fine. 

The office copier is one of the most important tools in your company. When it is down, your work comes to a halt, the productivity in the office declines as there will be a lot of delays. Knowing how to properly care for your copier is one of the most important parts of running a business and it can also help to minimize the chances of it breaking down or producing errors. 

When maintaining a copier, make sure that you turn off the power first before you start cleaning it. This will protect you and the copier from electrical accidents. Use the right products and check with your manufacturer which products can be used for your copier. 

It is also important to load the paper properly in order to avoid jamming it into the copier. Make sure that you do not load any wet or folded paper into the machine as this could cause it to jam. You also need to clean it regularly as it can help extend the copier’s life significantly. 

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