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How to Use an Office Copy Machine?

It seemed to be simpler and easier to experiment using an office copy machine than spending several hours reading the manual of the machine. However, there are so many things that come out in an office copy machine that you should learn about to acquire the best results. Although this kind of machine has been around for years already, this machine is also advancing faster which makes it a bit difficult to operate.

Essential Guide on How to Use an Office Copy Machine

Office copy machine plays an essential role in your business hence as early as possible, you need to be equipped with the right knowledge on how to use an office copy machine. To give you an idea of how to do it, then here are some of the steps you need to follow.

  • Plugging In and Turning On the Office Copy Machine

Like all other kinds of electronic devices, you need to first plug in the machine and turn it on. Before pressing its power button, check the power cable and determine if it is plugged correctly into the socket. You may also consider checking the surge protector of the machine. Once the machine is already turned on, except that it would take a few minutes as part of its warm-up. The same as humans, this machine also needs time to let its wheels turn hence be patient at all times.

  • Checking Paper Tray

The second step is to check the paper tray as well as the size of the paper that you are going to load into the tray. To avoid paper jams as well as costly office copy machine repairs, be sure that you’re going to make use of the appropriate paper size and thickness suited for the copy machine in your office. Paper always comes in different sizes and thicknesses hence it is best to read the office copy machine specification to make sure that you’re going to use the right kind of paper. Apart from that, you may also create some changes in the setting of the machine that adheres to its specification.

  • Place The Documents in The Copy Machine

Depending on the office copier that you have, you may see a glass-like kind of surface that is covered by an easy and simple to open panel on top of the machine. This is where you are going to place the documents you are going to copy. You just need to put the document carefully on the machine’s glass surface and close its lid. For some office copy machines, you just need to press the color or black and white options and the copy jobs will start.

  • Read Instructions Menu

Office copy machines are different from each other hence it is a bit challenging in understanding how to make use of this machine. As you assess copying needs, make sure to read the instructions menu or manual ahead of time before using the machine. This is very essential to understand the machine’s specifications clearly. 

  • Acknowledge Error Codes and Display Messages

It is also essential to acknowledge error codes and display messages of the machine. Despite the fact that these error codes and display messages can be easily ignored, these are important things that should be given attention. Giving emphasis on these codes and messages will give you an idea of the problem of your machine and how you’re going to fix it as soon as possible.


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Always have in mind that an office copy machine is an essential tool that helps in increasing the productivity of your business. Hence, learning how to use an office copy machine is not only one way of acquiring success but also more of adding value to your business. Hence, if you really want to make the most out of your office copy machine, better learn how to make use of this machine properly and safely.