Office Copiers And Printers: Top 5 Common Problems

Printers and copiers are two must-have machines in an office. It plays an integral part in producing professional-looking documents to present to your team or with your business partners. Your company may suffer and experience reduced productivity once either of these two integral machines’ printing and copying devices malfunction. 

Dealing with a malfunctioning or defective copier or printer is a headache for many. Thus, you should know how to troubleshoot each problem without hiring a professional. If this is your first time having an office copier or printer, you may not be familiar with the common problems you may experience with this machine. 

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But there is nothing to worry about anymore. This post features the top five common problems in using a copier or printer. Read on to know further. 

Printed Documents Have Marks, Sports, Or Strikes of Lines

Have you ever experienced printing a document and found out that it comes with unwanted smudges and marks? This is one of the frustrating things you may experience with a malfunctioning copier or printer. 

This copier and printer problem may be visible in different forms, such as smudges, small spots, and faint lines. If you notice unwanted lines and spots on your printed document, here are some steps you can do:

  • Trace which part of the paper has smudges or unwanted marks.
  • Clean these marks or lines on the glass above the copyreader. Make sure to do this with a soft microfiber cloth and mild glass cleaner. Stay away from using regular cleaning cloths or paper towels as doing so can cause further marks or scratches to the glass. 

Printing Jobs Take Too Long

Most offices are dependent on their printers and copiers for printing many documents. But what would you do if your printer or copier malfunctioned, and it takes too long to print a few pages of documents? 

The good thing with modern printers and copiers is that they come with innovative settings where you can increase or decrease the printing speed in your office. Changing the current printing speed of your printer or copier will help you save time and money from buying expensive resources. 

You Can’t Connect Your Computer with The Printer Or Copier

One of the most common problems faced by many printer and copier users is not being able to connect their machine with their computer device. Unfortunately, this issue is one of the trickiest to fix since it might be because of different reasons.

But there are some steps you may follow to fix the issue without hiring a professional. 

  • Restart your copier or printer – In most cases, restarting or rebooting your printing machine can fix network connectivity issues. 
  • Another way is to ensure that your computer and copier or printer are plugged in properly. This might be the most obvious solution that every user may forget. 

Frequent Paper Jams

Another common problem you may encounter with your copier or printer is a frequent paper jam. Paper jams normally occur with most printers occasionally. But if you notice that this issue happens more than usual, take it as an indication that your copier or printer has a more serious problem. 

Too Much Printing Cost

One of the biggest problems of many business owners with their copiers or printers is too much printing costs. If you are printing all day long, you need to use more electricity, toner, and paper which can lead to expensive expenses. 

Most printers and copiers nowadays have a setting where you can minimize the printing cost, which can significantly cut down your printing bills. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that you find this article helpful and informative at the same time. To know more about the common problems you may encounter with a printer or copier, you can click here.