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Differences Between Renting and Leasing An Office Copier

In putting up a business, you must have sufficient funds to support your business needs. However, if your fund is limited, leasing or renting can be an option to consider. In some cases, we frequently have to clarify the difference between rents and leases. 

If you are starting a business and can’t decide whether to rent or lease an office copier for your company this article is made to address your concern.

Both terms are quite confusing, the terms “office copier rental” and “office copier leasing” are not interchangeable. This article provides you with the differences between leasing and renting and will help you to understand whether to settle in leasing or renting for your office copier equipment. This could be a crucial decision for your company.

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Renting and Leasing of Office Copier

Renting can be an option in some matters, renting an office copier is similar to renting equipment or a car.

Leasing an office copier is quite similar to leasing a car. If you settle in owning an equipment but not having sufficient funds to own an equipment then leasing could be a solution

5 Major differences between renting and leasing an office copier

  1. Length of Time or Duration


Just like rental cars, office copiers have a charge that is valid for the duration of your use of the copier machine. Sad truth is that if you sentle in renting you will just pay for the charges but in reality you will not own your machine at the end of your rental arrangement. The only distinction is that renting is for a limited time, but leasing is for a longer period of time


If you know you’ll need a copier for a long time but don’t want to make the initial capital investment of buying one outright, leasing is a better alternative. Leasing may be the ideal option for you if you have an established business or know you’ll require regular and constant copying functionality over a long length of time

  1. Company Agreement 


If you settle on renting an office copier, You’ll need to have a short term agreement and more flexibility to upgrade and downgrade your equipment if you rent a copier. Renting is great for firms that do not want to be bound by long-term contracts. Renting may be a better alternative for you if your projects change in terms of the type and volume of copying required. These aren’t meant to be long-term rentals because it requires lots of money.


In order to lease an office copier A copier lease arrangement is entered into when a company wants to own its copier equipment. By agreeing to set payments and a service agreement, a firm might own a new or used copier.

  1. Services Charges


Rental includes a monthly fee, a cost-per-click fee, or a mix of the two could be charged. When renting an office copier, you can usually add packages for maintenance with the company contract that will cover all the repairs, service, and general equipment upkeep.


Leasing an office copier, you may usually include maintenance packages in your lease agreement, which covers repairs, servicing, and general upkeep. Generally speaking, you can even go with a completely managed service that takes care of everything but the paper

  1.  Cost Effective

One fact, leasing appears to be far more cost effective than renting. 

Leasing is cost effective in a way that you are paying for the equipment and services to own unlike renting for a short period of time which requires sufficient funds. Leasing is a more cost-effective choice if you’re okay with a long-term commitment and don’t require much flexibility. If you rent for a long time, you’ll almost always spend more than if you owned the copier entirely. In some matters, Renting provides advantages in terms of cost effectiveness as well. If you just need a copier on an office occasion, renting is a better option.

  1. Maintenance Services

Maintenance is required for copiers and printers on a regular basis.

The machine is leased from a lessor to a lessee when leasing an office copier. Maintenance is the lessee’s duty, which means that maintenance services are not provided. A maintenance service contract may, however, be added independently from the lease contract in some situations. When renting a copier the service provider will include a full comprehensive maintenance service contract as part of the rental agreement.