Color Copier Machines Is worth it

Copier, copy machine, or photocopier, is such an essential investment if you run a business. With a very simple precise task, this machine that makes paper copies of documents and images very quickly and economically has become one of the most vital members of offices anywhere in the world. Most of these machines currently use a technology called xerography — a dry process that allows the printer to do its task through electrostatic charges. These charges would be used on light-sensitive photoreceptor then would transfer toner powder onto paper to form an image. Through the process of applying heat and pressure, the toner is then transferred onto the paper, and an exact replica of the said image just prints out, albeit in pure black and white.

Over the years since the copier’s invention, this has been okay. In an office, no one cares if your documents are too plain. In fact it used to be better because it looks formal and sleek. It is when people started to become more visual, that concerns about plain black and white copies materialized. People just always seem to look at a printed copy of a brochure more than a photocopy simply because it looks better and colorful. A lot of companies are competing, and sometimes, product presentation is one’s only edge. These days, the only way to catch one’s interest, is to get color. Hence, the emergence of color copiers.

Is It Worth Investing?


Cheapskates and amateurs in the world of printing solutions would tell you no. They’d probably say “printers can do the same job and we already have printers. So why should spend more?” They missed, however, the fact that they can save so much more on color copiers especially if they are in an industry that needs colored products reproduced all the time. We’re talking about advertising firms, real estate agents giving out flyers and brochures. These are just a few of the most obvious ones. There are still so many businesses out there that sell products through handing over copies or posting on conspicuous places. Most of these companies think that a printer can do the job of a color copier, making it simply an unnecessary expense. They are wrong because color copiers use a system that is way efficient and cheaper than printers and their ink. Thus, printing multiple copies of a document in a printer instead of simply photocopying it, also becomes more expensive. I haven’t even mentioned how expensive colored inks are these days! Copiers are also well-suited to heavy use and document production. They are often generally designed to do heavy-duty work which a printer surely wouldn’t withstand for far too long.

So to the question, is it worth it? Yes. Most definitely!

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