You are currently viewing 3 Best Cheap Toner Cartridges 2018: Which One Is Right For You?

3 Best Cheap Toner Cartridges 2018: Which One Is Right For You?

3 Best Cheap Toner Cartridges 2018

Printers have come a long way since they were first introduced in the market. They used to be so huge that they take up more space in the office than they really should. Also, each unit was sold at a very high price that’s why only big companies could afford to buy printers; the others just worked with what they have. They kept all records of their documents in their computers if not handwritten altogether.

These days you can buy a printer that is evidently cheap and sleek in design that do not only print, but also serve other purposes. Some could function as scanners; there are others that could double up as fax machines. Then there are those that function as printer, fax machine, scammer and copier all at the same time.

Did you ever imagine this was possible? Copier lease used to be so expensive too, but now it has become the best option for those who still don’t have a budget to but their own printer unit. Renting it out is one of the best options there is. The best thing about the technology coming in is the fact that all the major printing companies have their own unit to offer- HP, Cannon, Epson and a whole lot more.  They have printers that will fit right into what you need.

What should you consider?

How do you know that you have found yourself the right printer? It is not just about the basic function that it offers. You also have to look into what else it can save you from. If getting a multifunctional printer is going to get the office a bit more space than it used to, then you should go for that one. A bulky printer in the office is not only going to take up space, most likely it won’t be as efficient as it should be.

And then there is the issue of what type of printer you should get. Is it an inkjet or a laser? These two types will be able to deliver but you will only need to buy one of them. So what is it going to be? If you intend to use it for documents printing in the office, then a laser printer should be your best option. Not only can they print fast, but they can also print in bulk. This is exactly the reason why you should buy a laser printer, instead.

Can it get any better?

With a laser printer, everything can be better. If you think the best part of getting a laser printer is that it is available to you for a copier lease, you are wrong. The best part of it is that it comes with cheap cartridges that can save you more on costs. What are your options for cheap cartridges? Here are some of them in a list:

  • Brother HL-L2350DW – the printer unit comes in less than $100. Its toner cartridge is sold for much less. If you are not really into colored printing, then this should serve you best.
  • DELL E310DW – would you believe that this printer is sold in the market for less than $50? If that is how low it is sold, then you could imagine its toner becoming more affordable. It’s definitely a must-try.
  • BROTHER MFC-J460DW – this is also available in the market for less than a hundred dollars. It is sleek and compact in design and whose toner is made more affordable. There’s nothing else you could ask for.

Now, which of these three should you invest it? It is up to you, call Copier lease Charlotte professionals now.