Print Security: User Authentication Lowers Your Risk

You will be risking your company if you print important business documents using an unsecured printer. Shared multifunction printers are popular among most businesses around the world. Compared to regular printers, using this printing machine could cut down more than half of the overall printing costs.

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Aside from that, multifunction printers are also equipped with innovative features which make them an efficient office machine. On the other hand, unsecured shared printers can easily leak sensitive information regarding your company.

Printer security is one of the important aspects being overlooked by many IT departments in your office. This problem is so serious that the Federal Trade Commission released a set of guidelines concerning print security. You can ensure that your business printing details are safe and secure through this.

If you are worried about the possible print security problems in your business, using user authentication is the best solution. Aside from keeping your business information safe from hackers or anyone that has a bad intention for your business, user authentication also allows you to set specific people who can use shared printers. Moreover, it also avoids accidental sharing of vital business information.

How Does User Authentication Work?

Before someone uses the shared printer to scan or print a document, the first thing he/she should do is to log in using a pin code, key fob, or proximity card. Using user authentication will ease the workload of your employee.

Aside from that, setting up user authentication is just straightforward. Moreover, it will also allow you to set customised permission and access by user roles. Print management is a cost-effective solution to get user authentication. Beyond user authentication, print management will also offer you other essential security features.

Reasons to Use User Authentication

If your company uses a shared printer without a printing security feature, it is the right time to invest and use a user authentication feature.

The following are the top reasons to encourage you to use user authentication for a more secure document printing.

Limiting Access

One of the good things about using user authentication is that it can also limit the number of workers who can access your business’s data. If one user attempts to access business data without your permission, you will receive an alert.

You can also set up print policies depending on the user’s responsibilities, including rights management protocols. Doing so will ensure that all hardware, data, and important business output are protected. In other words, not all employees can have the same level of access to the shared printer.

Locking Down Printing

Locking down printers is the new trend among business owners. Through this, you will be able to authenticate the identity of employees who will use the machine. With this feature, employees must input their PIN code to access printer features and other functions.

Rights Management

If you don’t have rights management yet, it is the right time to develop one. Having rights management allows you to access LRS solutions to thwart unauthorised employee access. This feature will allow you to give users access to specific printing features. Through this, you can monitor how your employees navigate the printer.


If your businesses use shared printers, one of the important features you should consider is print security. It is a beneficial feature in protecting the vital information of your business documents. If you need assistance setting-up your printer’s user authentication, we are here to help. Contact us now.