11×17 Copier

Printing is a very important part of any business. May it be a marketing campaign or routine office stationary, every office has a lot that needs to be printed on regular basis. Colored laser printers have brought a revolution in the market, especially in the art of printing. The job which was considered to be an art of specialist came door to door and everybody is now able to get a print on gloss sheet of his choice. One of the portable sizes is 11×17 printing. Among the posters this is the smallest available sizes, used to advertise the Movies, and other stuff.

To achieve the best possible results resolution at 2400dpi (dots per inch) is set, and a glossy 100 gram is used. Most famous printers for the job are Hp, Canon and Minolta. In the South Asian countries poster printing is very well known business, as the demand is high and the possession of the equipment is affordable. 11×17 posters are good for the advertising of the products. Either they are cosmetics, shop, food chain, or a clinic or what so ever. They are also used for decorating the premises, schools, offices and etc.

These colored laser jet printers do not have an ink for printing; instead they use heat and color toner cartridges. These cartridges are mainly in Blue, red, yellow and green. The combinations of all these colors bring form into another color. The moment the print comes out of the printer the temperature is relatively high and all dried up. Whereas if the same Job is done on a desk jet color printer the quality would be poor as the ink tends to smear through the paper or would not be dried so early and the picture clarity would be far more inferior.

These printers are high yield printers with a print rate of 5 to 7 copies per minute. One of the new printers for this specific job is the HP 9500 printer.

The standard features of such printing are:

* Mega pixel laser jet quality
* Properly outlined border lines.
* Real photographic images blended with rich colors.
* Superior in touch and smoothness of the material texture.
* International standard size of the print
* Multi purpose and multi functional flexibility.
* Cost effective and accessible printing source
* Ready to get based on plug and play facility.
* Global access and wide range unlimited variety.

The colored laser jet printing is on a constant process of technical advancement. More and more pixels are being added so much so the resolution rate would be in Mega Pixels in the coming future with printing speeds more than 100 pages per minute.

But if you need higher quality and better standard of printing in color then your final choice should be a professional printing company.